About Pause

In today's busy world, Pause is an app to schedule time for you. Spending too much time sitting at a desk? Too long of a commute? Not enough exercise? Pause will notify you of scheduled pauses to take a break, stretch, go for a run, do some yoga or deep breathing.

Features include:

  • Get a quick overview of your scheduled pauses.
  • Swipe to turn on and off the pause reminders.
  • Swipe to edit or delete the scheduled pause.
  • Tap to start a pause.
  • Play, pause or reset the pause at your convenience.
  • Create a pause withal few simple taps.
  • Edit an existing pause quickly and easily.
  • Add any activity you want to do.
  • Swipe to delete old activities.


Below is some sample screenshots showing how easy it is to use Pause! It highlights a quick overview, scheduling a new pause, and even quick gestures to turn your pauses on and off.

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